Christina Gaillard is a musician, producer and composer who lives in Los Angeles and Mexico City. 

She has produced and co-produced numerous albums, including a 2014's critically acclaimed "Sundowner," by HT Heartache, 2012's "Sun of May," by Argentine and an album coming in 2019 by Crown Plaza. 

Gaillard is one-half of LA-based R&B dance duo HIPS, which has been featured in the Guardian newspaper, OUT Magazine and many music websites. Gaillard produces the band's tracks and splits vocal and instrumentation duties with her collaborator, filmmaker and musician Drew Denny.

Gaillard has scored a variety of film and television projects, including 2018’s Noticias de Pluton, which won a special mention at the Morelia Film Festival, and a recent documentary for VICE. She was the music supervisor for "The Wedding Invitation," a feature film released in theaters in 2017. 

The granddaughter of jazz legend Slim Gaillard, and the niece of Marvin Gaye, she has been making music since age two. 

She is available to work on a range of projects, including as a producer, composer of film or television scores and as a music supervisor.